InnoVision publication highlights data centre innovation

Data Centre Solutions, published by Digitalisation World owner, Angel Business Communications, is embarking on the next stage in the development of our media portfolio, by revitalising DCS Solutions as a dedicated, quarterly, digital publication – enhancing the data centre coverage which is an ongoing, integral part of our Digitalisation World media platform. Alongside this exciting development, we’re also going to be re-developing our stand-alone DCS Solutions website.

And to herald the launch of the all-new DCS Solutions digital publication, we’re producing a very special first issue, entitled DCS InnoVision – providing a comprehensive overview of the state of the data centre industry right now. Vendors from right across the market are invited to provide their thoughts and insights as to how the data centre industry will evolve over the coming months and years, with the content being broken down into the following categories:

Energy Optimisation – power, cooling, renewables, sustainability +

(More efficient provision and usage of power and cooling; how to reduce the environmental impact of data centres in the data hungry, digital age; renewable and sustainable energy resources; the need for more efficient IT hardware; waste heat recycling…)

AI + Automation – measuring, monitoring, management +

(The complexities of running a digital data centre mean that some level of AI and automation is required to augment or replace the human element, if the data centre is not to become a bottleneck. What’s possible now, and what will be possible into the future – how far can AI and automation take us?)

Design + Infrastructure – building, networks, cabinets, racks, cables +

(High density, energy efficient facilities are needed to run today’s IT loads. How to design a data centre for agile, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure and the applications they support? And how to provide the necessary feeds and speeds?)

Colocation + Hosting – in-house v outsource, cloud, managed services +

(The debate continues – in-house, colo, cloud, managed services or, most likely, some combination of them all. Ensuring that applications and IT infrastructure are situated in the optimum environment is a tricky business, with end users somewhat confused as to what to do)

Physical Security + Safety – perimeter security, access control, fire suppression +

(Protecting the data centre – both the building and its M+E components and IT contents – is a crucial aspect of data centre management. Increasingly sophisticated access control technology, added to the correct procedures and protocols, can ensure the integrity of the data centre and the data housed within it)

Hybrid Architecture – central, regional, edge +

(In, out, shake it all about! One central data centre; a central facility, plus regional and or local resources. As edge momentum, fuelled by IoT and 5G, grows substantially, how does data centre architecture need to evolve to ensure data is available to end users where, when and how they need it?)

Each of these sections will be prefaced by thought leadership content from longstanding industry expert and DCS editor, Philip Alsop, as well as invaluable insight from a key industry analyst. The Data Centre Alliance will also be contributing from its considerable knowledge-base.

For further details on this publication, visit:

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