DATA CENTRE SOLUTIONS has been a key media partner for many of you over the past decade and more. We were Europe’s first dedicated data centre magazine and website, leading the way when it came to recognising the importance of this industry at an early stage.

As the digital age has evolved, so has our media portfolio, with the launch of our Digitalisation World platform – the industry’s most comprehensive technology website - key technology weekly newsletters and a monthly, digital magazine focusing on all of the technologies which form the crucial foundations of the digital enterprise.

We’re now embarking on the next stage in the development of our media portfolio, by revitalising DCS Solutions as a dedicated, quarterly, digital publication – enhancing the data centre coverage which is an ongoing, integral part of our Digitalisation World media platform. Alongside this exciting development, we’re also going to be re-developing our stand-alone DCS Solutions website.

DIGITALISATION WORLD is a comprehensive media portfolio which covers the key technologies that underpin the digital revolution.

The Digitalisation World publishing platform builds on Angel Business Communications’ market-leading data centre (DCS), storage (SNS) and managed services (MSS) brands to offer one unrivalled, converged and integrated publishing platform.

The Digitalisation World website, monthly digital magazine and weekly digital digests are the flagship products. As such, they provide in-depth coverage of the technologies and issues that are the building blocks of the digital transformation process – where the business of data and information logistics is driving forward the modern enterprise.

We can help you make sense of this brave, new world, where the purchasing and specifying responsibilities are evolving right across the organisation, to help you identify the key decision makers. Make sure that the Digitalisation World digital media portfolio is a key part of your digital marketing strategy.