Wednesday, 28th July 2021

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DCS Change Management

22 September 2021 [+] Add to Calendar
Online Event

Digitalisation World is organising the first in a series of events designed to educate busy IT and data centre professionals as to the threats and opportunities of the current key technology disruptors as they impact on the data centre. The primary objective is to cut through the hype and misinformation out there (5G being a great example!), providing attendees with a realistic assessment of what’s going on now and, critically, what’s likely to happen in the future, and over what timescale.

Where else can senior data centre and IT professionals learn so much in so little time? By attending the Change Management in the Data Centre event, you’ll learn all about the many technology developments set to make a significant impact on data centre and IT infrastructure in the coming years, and, perhaps most importantly, you’ll be provided with plenty of ideas and solutions to help turn these challenges into opportunities along the road to digital transformation.

And that’s why Angel Business Communications, organsiers of Managed Services Summit and publishers of Digitalisation World is organising a one-day digital event on 22 September 2021, focusing on planning for digital transformation, and how managed services providers, cloud providers and the Channel overall can help.

DCS Awards

28 October 2021 [+] Add to Calendar
Leonardo Royal, St Paul's Hotel, London
The DCS awards are designed to reward the product designers, manufacturers, suppliers and providers operating in data centre arena. The Awards recognise the achievements of the vendors and their business partners alike and this year encompass a wider range of both facilities and information technology award categories designed to address all of the main areas of the datacentre market in Europe.

SDC Awards

8 December 2021 [+] Add to Calendar
The SDC (Storage, Digitalisation + Cloud) Awards – the new name for Angel Business Communications’ IT awards is now firmly focused on recognising and rewarding success in the products and services that are the foundation for digital transformation! 12 years ago, SVC stood for Storage, Virtualisation and Channel – and the SVC Awards focused on these important pillars of the overall IT industry. Fast forward a decade, and virtualisation has given way to software-defined, which, in turn, has become an important sub-set of digital transformation. Storage remains important, and the Cloud has emerged as a major new approach to the creation and supply of IT products and services. Hence the decision to change one small letter in our awards; but, in doing so, we believe that we’ve created a set of awards that are of much bigger significance to the IT industry.