Chatsworth Products to manufacture ZetaFrame in the UK

New manufacturing capabilities in the UK ensure ability to fulfill orders more fluidly and consistently for UK and European region CPI customers and partners.

Following a successful February 2021 product launch in the United States, Chatsworth Products (CPI) is pleased to announce UK manufacturing of the award-winning ZetaFrame Cabinet System, a highly engineered data centre cabinet solution that delivers quick turn built-to-order configurability, industry-leading load capacity and high scalability, suited for a wide variety of ICT infrastructure applications.

CPI’s ZetaFrame Cabinet provides an 'unprecedented' level of customisation and accessory options, with power distribution, electronic access control and cable management accessories all readily available for factoryinstalled, pre-integration, which ensures ZetaFrame arrives at a customer’s facility ready to be populated and deployed.

Additional features and benefits of ZetaFrame Cabinet include:

• Fast Selection and Customisation – A wide range of standard configurations and complimentary consultation services allow customers to create a tailored solution that meets their exact requirements

• Future-Proof Capacity – A roll formed tubular and fully welded steel frame architecture supports marketleading 2268 kg static and 1814 kg dynamic loads

• Integrated Power and Airflow Management – Seamless integration with optional power and airflow management accessories under a single part number ensures quick deployment

• Integrated Bonding – Doors and panels bond to the frame through its hinges and contact points, eliminating the need for attaching separate grounding straps to cabinet components

• Enhanced Cable Management – ZetaFrame’s simple and versatile cable management accessories can be used independently or in combination to accommodate a wide variety of applications

The decision to manufacture ZetaFrame cabinets in the UK comes at a time when there continues to be much disruption in the global market due to supply chain issues. The resulting manufacturing and shipping time increases are significant challenges that CPI is squarely addressing here by now having the ability to fulfill orders for customers in the UK and European region straight from UK operations.

Better still, CPI’s ZetaFrame Cabinet maintains the same footprint as existing CPI cabinets, including the GFSeries GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinet System, F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinet and F-Series TeraFrame® HD Cabinet, all while delivering a significant increase in capacity and efficiency.

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