01T launches high-capacity network, Global Network Exchange

Launch of global carrier network enables multi-services with simplicity, anywhere in the world.

01T, a high-capacity, connectivity network operator for global content creators and distributors, has today introduced its new, purpose-built global network, GNX. Global Network Exchange (GNX) is a high-capacity network designed, built, and operated by 01T in-house. Truly globally reaching, GNX revolutionises global connectivity with speed, simplicity, and service.

By using GNX, customers can access multiple services at any scale, from one single port. Available at any GNX point of presence, businesses can enable the power of cloud connections, internet access, Point to Point services, industry-leading security and more, without compromise or complication, at speeds from 100M to 100G - one port, multiple services.

This innovative feature continues 01T’s mission of providing intelligent, cost-effective, and agile global connectivity solutions to businesses around the world.

Alex Lower, CEO, 01T comments: “Businesses are in constant need of robust, specific, and complex connectivity solutions, which with traditional carriers would incur considerable costs, in-house management, and use of precious business resources – with the result often producing a sub-standard solution. Our multi-service approach dodges this process and delivers customers world-class connectivity solutions without compromise, all under one service or port. In a world where connectivity requirements are ever-changing and increasingly critical to business services, organisations need agility to ensure they can be proactive to marketplace changes. Traditional connectivity does not allow for this. Our intrinsic commitment to intelligent and detail-oriented design, coupled with GNX, means that 01T certainly can.”

As a specialist network operator, 01T exists to better serve businesses that create, deliver, and distribute high-capacity content around the world. They are specialists in connectivity, and specialists within their audiences: Solution designs are driven by a deep understanding of the nuances and requirements businesses in these fields experience and their expertise in the infrastructure that is needed to fulfil them. GNX is optimised for these businesses and designed to further enhance the overall 01T offering to content creators and distributors across the globe.

For businesses reliant on content distribution, a transformative feature of GNX is Gateway Edge. Gateway Edge solves the industry problem of an ever-growing dependency on being present in multiple data centre locations. Gateway Edge utilises services which were once only available from a specific, expensive, and hard-to-reach data centre, and brings them on to customer premises, anywhere in the world.

Toby Hooton, Lead Network Architect, 01T addss: ‘Distribution of data connect services on the edge, from any location of choice and in any scale was, until now, unavailable. At 01T, we are committed to simplifying global connectivity and Gateway Edge achieves this and beyond - customers can get the services they need without the fuss of managing multiple services, providers, SLAs, and network quality. Gateway Edge is also a business enabler. You’d be surprised at how many blockages to business decisions, expansions or transformations often start and stop with network connectivity limitations. Gateway Edge removes this barrier with ease, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, so businesses are empowered to seize opportunities that would have been once inconsiderable.’

The addition of GNX to the existing suite of extensive 01T services allows the organisation to continue to transform customer services across the global connectivity industry. Companies suffer from poor customer service, long lead times and mismanaged third party services. GNX exists to reject these standards with end-to-end visibility, short lead times, precise pre-sale designs, dedicated account managers and no third-party engagement.

GNX, blended with the portfolio of specialist services offered by 01T, can solve any network challenges faced by businesses experiencing low touch, limited option solutions that currently don’t meet requirements. Much of the existing and upgraded 01T product set is now deliverable over GNX, enhancing the service offering further.

Features of GNX include:

· Native 100G Ports as standard.

· Present on 6 Global Internet Exchanges.

· Latest Juniper Hardware.

· Diverse network design, built, managed in-house by 01T engineers.

· L1, L2 and L3 operator.

· Provider agnostic - live interconnects with 8 leading connectivity providers.

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