GRC introduces HashRaQ MAX

The HashRaQ® MAX is a powerful, reliable, and efficient cooling system for crypto mining operations, minimising CapEx, OpEx, and carbon footprint while maximising density, uptime, and profitability.

GRC (Green Revolution Cooling) has introduced its newest offering for blockchain applications—HashRaQ MAX. The HashRaQ MAX is a next-gen, productivity-driven, immersion cooling solution that tackles the extreme heat loads generated by crypto mining.

The precisely engineered system features a high-performance cooling distribution unit (CDU) that supports high-density configuration and ensures maximum mining capability with minimal infrastructure costs, allowing for installation in nearly any location with access to power and water. The unit’s moulded design provides even coolant distribution, so each miner operates at peak capability.

HashRaQ MAX was developed utilising the experience and customer feedback GRC has accumulated over its 14 years of designing, building, and deploying immersion cooling systems specifically for the mining industry. The unit is capable of cooling 288 kW with warm water when outfitted with 48 Bitmain S19 miners. Its space-saving and all-inclusive design consists of racks, frame, power distribution units (PDUs), coolant distribution unit (CDU), and monitoring, ensuring users can capitalise on the benefits of a comprehensive, validated, and cost-effective cooling solution.

It’s a well-established fact that cryptocurrency mining utilises a significant amount of energy, with Bitcoin alone consuming a reported 127 terawatt-hours (TWh) a year. In the United States, mining operations are estimated to emit up to 50 million tons of CO2 annually. HashRaQ MAX is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of mining operations by minimising energy use while also enabling miners to optimise profitability. Additionally, the system is manufactured utilising post-industrial, recycled materials and is flat-pack shipped to further reduce costs and carbon emissions. The unit is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.

“We are proud to present digital asset mining operators with a complete and reliable cooling solution that eliminates the time and complexity of piecing together an in-house system—and doesn’t break the bank,” said Peter Poulin, CEO of GRC. “We’ve been developing systems specifically for the blockchain industry since our inception in 2009, and our Hash family of products has been proven in installations around the world. It’s exciting to release this next generation HashRaQ MAX immersion cooling system in continuing support of cryptocurrency miners during this next era in digital asset mining.”

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