Teneo adds 'Deep Learning' and 'Behavioral AI' technologies

Teneo has launched two new solutions that harness the power of deep learning and behavioral AI, respectively.

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Deep Instinct provides next-generation Anti-Virus (AV) through the power of Deep Learning. Abnormal Security uses advanced behavioral AI to identify and block the full spectrum of email attacks, providing superior protection compared to traditional signature-based Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) and other legacy tools.

These solutions, under the umbrella of Teneo's 'Deep Learning & Behavioral AI-based Security' offering, will enable businesses to proactively identify suspicious activities and block attacks before they enter their networks and devices.

"We have been bringing next-generation cyber defense capabilities to protect and secure users, networks, applications and data for several years," said Brett Ayres, Teneo's VP of Product. "Adding Deep Instinct and Abnormal to our security portfolio allows us to extend that protection to both the end user device and email platforms. These two solutions provide advanced threat detection and prevention, following the mantra that prevention is better than a cure."

One of the key tactics in which end users are targeted is through the injection of malicious files onto their device, typically via a file download. To protect end users, Teneo has partnered with Deep Instinct, which takes a prevention-first approach to stop ransomware, unknown and zero-day attacks. Deep Instinct's 'D-Brain' agent is the result of years of developing and training in the world's only deep learning cyber security solution that detects and prevents malicious files in under 20 milliseconds.

"From the moment malware executes on the endpoint, it's a race against time to stop it. Traditional security solutions struggle to detect and respond quickly to unknown threats, taking minutes, hours, or even days, during which time the malware has succeeded, and your environment has been breached," said Sam Linford, Deep Instinct's VP of Channel EMEA. "Deep Instinct prevents malware and ransomware pre-execution in under 20 milliseconds, allowing organizations to stay ahead of the game, harnessing the power of its purpose-built Deep Learning framework to defend against the scale and complexity of attacks today."

End users are also commonly targeted through socially-engineered emails, tricking them into clicking on attachments and links, sharing personal information or credentials, redirecting financial payments or making a payment to a fraudulent organization. To address the risk of these highly targeted emails, Teneo has partnered with Abnormal Security, the leading behavioral AI-based security platform that protects against the full spectrum of inbound email and email platform attacks. This includes business email compromise, account takeovers, vendor impersonation, credential phishing, ransomware, graymail, and more.

"The shift to cloud email has opened new attack channels, as threat actors use social engineering and connected third-party applications to trick end users and gain access to email platforms," said Chris Martin, senior sales director of EMEA at Abnormal Security. "Abnormal stops these attacks with a fundamentally different approach to email security, ingesting thousands of diverse signals derived from API integration into the cloud email platform to build a known baseline of every identity and entity in the Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace environment. By understanding normal behavior and context, Abnormal can detect and block malicious emails and risky configuration changes to provide full spectrum protection."

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