Johnson Controls advances data centre sustainability

The Data Centre Solutions platform delivers innovative, energy-efficient and water-saving cooling solutions that help hyperscale cloud providers meet sustainability targets.

Johnson Controls has leveraged its Silent-Aire solutions to offer what it says is the industry’s first hyperscale data centre platform focused on helping cloud providers meet ambitious sustainability targets. The Johnson Controls Data Centre Solutions platform delivers innovative solutions that conserve water and reduce energy consumption, including air-cooled chillers, liquid cooling, combination air handler units, future-ready refrigerants and prefabricated modular data centres.

“Through its Data Centre Solutions platform, Johnson Controls is offering something unique and valuable to global hyperscale companies,” said Lindsey Leckelt, vice president of Data Centre Solutions at Johnson Controls. “Johnson Controls is the first to provide innovative digital technologies combined with standard and bespoke cooling equipment and modular data centre solutions that optimise energy consumption and water usage. We have the experience and capability to deliver these solutions as global integrated programs at-scale to our hyperscale partners.”

Reaching Ambitious Energy and Water Targets

Mission critical data centre operations typically require significant amounts of water and energy for cooling, and hyperscale server rack power density is expected to double as soon as 2023. Many cloud providers are prioritising investments that improve their environmental sustainability and making climate pledges specific to decarbonisation.

A 2021 survey conducted by Forrester Consulting commissioned by and developed in collaboration with Johnson Controls, “The Race to Decarbonisation: A Spotlight on Data Centers”, found that nearly half of the data centre decision-makers surveyed have indicated that they plan to reduce energy consumption across their portfolio by at least 50% by an average reported target date of 2024. The Silent-Aire and Johnson Controls team is uniquely positioned to support data centre leaders in meeting these goals by designing and deploying cooling solutions that minimise environmental impact while maximising efficiency and productivity.

Redefining Hyperscale Data Centre Sustainability

Johnson Controls with its Silent-Aire solutions has been focused on innovative, effective ways to support hyperscale customers as they respond to these challenges. Through Silent-Aire, Johnson Controls is a leading provider to hyperscale companies. With its hyperscale leadership and its global sustainability services, world-class engineering and advanced research and development, Johnson Controls is set to support one of the fastest growing segments of the technology industry as it takes on and solves environmental challenges.

“We’re thinking beyond singular projects; we’re investing in ongoing partnerships,” said Maik Bohlmann, vice president and general manager, Data Centre Solutions, Johnson Controls. “We’re carefully listening to our customers, and we’re best positioned to support them as they redefine data centres and their energy profiles. From innovative technologies to continuous support through the lifecycle of their progress, it’s as much a revolution in our approach as it is an evolution of design for the data centres.”

The Data Centre Solutions platform is backed by Johnson Controls own commitment to sustainability. To date, Johnson Controls has reduced its energy and greenhouse gas intensity by 70% since 2002. Johnson Controls is honoured to be recognised as AAA MSCI rated, among the “Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies” by Corporate Knights and first in its industry segment. The company’s OpenBlue suite of connected solutions empowers customers to drive environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals by enabling significant energy savings and corresponding drop in carbon emissions.

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