Cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve – for better and worse

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Ryan Kovar, Distinguished Security Strategist and Leader of SURGe at Splunk, discusses the findings of the company’s 2023 CISO Report – with AI being seen as both a cybersecurity opportunity and threat, CISOs receiving more recognition, concerned over security tool sprawl and seen as enablers of cross-department collaboration. Ryan also offers some great insights as to how companies need to get the balance right when it comes to focusing on both preventing cyber attacks and addressing the consequences of a data breach – with extortion-ware a growing threat.
Why do so many IP replication solutions lack encryption capabilities, and why is performance an issue when you need to encrypt data inflight? Check out Brocade subject matter experts discussing the challenges of maintaining security while replicating data between data centers at high throughput, including how Brocade addresses this architecturally with IP Extension.
What part will storage play in the modernisation of the data centre? John Foster, VP Business Development - Systems, Oracle Asia Pacific, talks to product expert, Sam Voukenas, about the role of storage in the digitally disrupted data centre.
George Teixeira, CEO & President and Nick Connolly, Chief Scientist at DataCore Software discuss how DataCore's Software-defined Storage solution takes advantage of flash and DRAM technologies to provide High Availability and the right performance for your applications.
Introductory video on how to deploy NexentaStor for use with VMware.
Don Grabski, Director of Product Management at Seagate Systems Group gives an overview how customers can benefit from Seagate's implementation of IBM Spectrum Scale on the ClusterStor platform. Learn more ClusterStor G200