CA Technologies enhances CA Global Partner Program

CA Technologies has announced key enhancements to the CA Global Partner Program that provide partners with flexibility, speed and agility to support changing business models and meet new customer demands.

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CA Technologies adds analytics capabilities to Service Assurance portfolio

CA Technologies has announced new IT operational analytics capabilities in CA Application Performance Management (APM) that help customers ensure an exceptional end-user experience by more easily diagnosing potential performance problems in productivity and revenue generating applications and...

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SaaS-based iPad App empowers CXOs

CA Technologies has announced CA Clarity™ Playbook, an innovative mobile application that uniquely empowers CXOs to strategically manage their organization’s technology investments in the context of their high-level business goals and objectives—right from their iPads.

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Intelligent rechnen - Herausforderung für die IT durch die anstehende Energiewende

Die Fakten sind bekannt: Laut IEA-Statistik wird sich der Strombedarf bis 2030 verdoppeln. Alarmierend ist auch die Strompreisentwicklung für die deutsche Industrie. Laut einer Statistik des Bundesverbandes der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft vom Mai 2012 sind allein in Deutschland zwischen 2001...

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HP WebInspect 10.0 nutzt interaktives Testverfahren, um Anwendungen sicherer zu machen

HP bringt HP WebInspect 10.0, eine neue Version seiner Security-Testing-Lösung für...

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IPsoft nennt sechs Gründe für das Scheitern von Outsourcing-Projekten

Die generelle Nachfrage nach Outsourcing-Services ist weiterhin hoch. Nach wie vor scheitern...

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Red Hat stellt mit WildFly die nächste Generation des JBoss Application Server vor

WildFly ist der Community-Nachfolger für den JBoss Application Server

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Power measurement leads to improved efficiency, improved ROI and helps you achieve your green initiatives

Companies around the world are focused on Green IT. Why? Not only for the environmental reasons...

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A new logic for energy management in the data centre

In the last few years, the data centre has gone from a relatively ignored entity to being at the...

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DCIM and energy management

Underappreciated and invisible? Asks Tony Lock, Freeform Dynamics Ltd.

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The ever increasing challenges of managing a data centre

By Glyn Bowden, Founder and CEO Lucr, SNIA Europe UK Country Committee member.

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Build, connect, protect

DCS talks to Chris Scott, Offering Development Executive, Data Centre Site and Facilities, IBM...

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CA Technologies CEO Gregoire calls on technology leaders to embrace disruptive technologies

In his inaugural CA World keynote address, Mike Gregoire, chief executive officer of CA...

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Red Hat reveals plans for its next generation Java Application Server Project

Red Hat, Inc. has introduced WildFly as the successor to the JBoss Application Server project....

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CA Technologies empowers enterprise mobility

CA Technologies has announced new solutions and capabilities to help enterprises embrace the mobile...

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