Intelligent rechnen - Herausforderung für die IT durch die anstehende Energiewende

Die Fakten sind bekannt: Laut IEA-Statistik wird sich der Strombedarf bis 2030 verdoppeln. Alarmierend ist auch die Strompreisentwicklung für die deutsche Industrie. Laut einer Statistik des Bundesverbandes der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft vom Mai 2012 sind allein in Deutschland zwischen 2001 und 2011 die Strompreise um 117 Prozent gestiegen

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Powertecnique protects UK Census records

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics, including the UK Census, and the recognised national statistical institute of the UK. The organisation’s Titchfield, Hampshire centre is using neighbouring power specialists Powertecnique to protect its power in the event of a downtime in electrical supply.

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DCIM and energy management

Underappreciated and invisible? Asks Tony Lock, Freeform Dynamics Ltd.

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The ever increasing challenges of managing a data centre

By Glyn Bowden, Founder and CEO Lucr, SNIA Europe UK Country Committee member.

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Build, connect, protect

DCS talks to Chris Scott, Offering Development Executive, Data Centre Site and Facilities, IBM Global Technology Services. With over 28 years experience in IT services, Chris shares the experience that has led to him becoming a Core Member of the Site and Facilities Community of Practice, which is a community of IBM specialists creating and sharing intel-lectual capital and thought leadership in the area of Data Centre planning, design and availability including modular deployment.

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ControlCircle gives customers mission-critical IT visibility with Max3000

Only UK managed services provider to offer customers a full view of their IT estate.

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Critical Power Monitoring Services launched by Workspace Technology

Workspace Technology’s Power Generation Division deploys its first Remote Critical Power Monitoring services working in partnership with Deep Sea Electronics plc (DSE) based in North Yorkshire, Europe’s leading manufacturer of generator control systems.

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Carrier Solution chosen to cool Eni’s green data center in Milan

Carrier Italy completes delivery of a cooling solution for the Eni Green Data Center in Pavia, northern Italy, one of the country’s largest-ever data center projects. Carrier is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

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Multi-source agreement (MSA) to advance 400 Gbps Copper Cable and Fibre Optic Transceiver markets

CDFP MSA forming to develop standard transceiver specifications for 400 Gbps data transmission rates.

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Enlogic calls for IT departments to stop passing the energy buck

Two-thirds of IT managers (68 per cent) don’t feel it’s their responsibility to cut 2014 budgets to pay for increased energy costs, with many believing that budget cuts don’t affect them. This follows a survey, conducted by intelligent PDU provider, Enlogic, of industry professionals who attended last month’s Data Centre World conference.

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Alternative cooling solution to replace HCFC equipment

Temperature control specialist, ICS Cool Energy Ltd, is advising companies to find alternative solutions to their existing R22 systems before 1st January 2015, when recycled or reclaimed hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) will no longer be used to service refrigeration and air conditioning equipment; the company recommends energy efficient Turbocor systems.

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ColdLogik pours cold water on traditional data centre cooling and nets the Queen’s Award!

USystems, innovators in data centre cooling, has won the coveted 2013 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category for its multi-award winning ColdLogik data centre cooling range.

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The Green Grid outlines 8 key steps to best optimise existing IT equipment

Tips from The Green Grid provide advise for organisations on how they can become more ecofriendly with their current IT resources.

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University of Liverpool selects Sudlows

Sudlows has been selected as a preferred supplier to upgrade the University of Liverpool’s data and communications infrastructure.

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John Godwin, VP of Retail UK at Intellias, shares some fantastic insights as to the key challenges and opportunities when it comes to implementing digital transformation strategies and solutions in the retail industry.
John Hayes-Warren, Agilitas’s Chief Revenue Officer, outlines the company’s plans to make Fiscal Year 2024 a ‘defining year’, with the focus very much on customer experience transformation, underpinned by the three core competencies of inventory assurance, professional services and smart logistics.
In this video we talk to Lily Tozer from the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund at the 2023 Data Centre Transformation Event.
In this video we talk toArcadis at Data Centre Transformation 2023 and find out what keeps their Project Director James Rix up at night.

Expert Opinions

By Eric Bassier, Senior Director Product at Quantum.
By James Hart, CEO at BCS.
By Anurag Kapoor, Vice President, Data and Analytics for The Smart Cube.
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