20th SAS Plugfest demonstrates successful collaboration and innovation

The SNIA STA forum (STA) has announced completion of the twentieth Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Plugfest, showcasing the collaborative and innovative spirit of industry-leading companies around 24G SAS. The plugfest brought together eight SAS equipment manufacturers in Austin, Texas, and was co-located with SNIA Regional SDC Austin for the first time. Test results were audited by an independent engineering consultant.

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“SAS continues to demonstrate remarkable longevity in the data storage market, thanks to its significant installed base, robust performance, and scalability. A key factor contributing to SAS's continued importance is these plugfests, ensuring interoperability and reliability of SAS devices,” remarked Don Jeanette, Vice President, TRENDFOCUS. “STA plugfests facilitate rigorous testing and help to identify and resolve potential issues early. This collaborative approach not only boosts confidence in SAS technology but also drives innovation, ensuring that SAS remains a dependable choice for enterprise storage solutions.”

The SAS Plugfest featured multiple testing suites encompassing essential features such as basic link up, power management, managed cables, and timers. The event ended with large topology builds, mixing SAS components from all participating vendors. The event identified an issue with managed cables, and through systematic testing, participants resolved these challenges swiftly, reaffirming the effectiveness of collaborative problem-solving within the industry.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the practical application of addressing varying interpretations of the standard, emphasizing the importance of plugfests in ensuring seamless compatibility and interoperability across diverse systems and implementations. The successful testing of several large topology builds highlighted the scalability and robustness of SAS technology. Furthermore, the seamless operation of 100m active optical cables underscored the reliability and efficiency of SAS infrastructure, running exactly as intended.

Cameron T. Brett, Chair SNIA STA Forum Board of Directors, expressed his satisfaction with the event, stating, “This was the first in-person interoperability event since 2019, and was necessary to cooperatively test several significant standard updates and how they have been implemented by SAS manufacturers. Through collaborative efforts and meticulous testing, we've not only resolved challenges but also paved the way for continued innovation in the SAS ecosystem.”

The following companies attended the plugfest, underscoring a commitment to advancing SAS technology:

AIC Inc.

Amphenol Corporation

Broadcom Inc.



Microchip Technology


Teledyne LeCroy Corporation

As companies continue to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, collaborative events like the plugfest remain instrumental in continuing SAS’s long history of reliability, interoperability, backward compatibility, and investment protection.

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