Emerging technology fuels cyberattacks

Research shows IT leaders believe cyberattacks are more sophisticated than ever before.

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Keeper Security has released its key findings from its latest survey about what’s on the cybersecurity horizon. The survey of more than 800 IT security leaders around the globe finds that the vast majority (95%) believe cyberattacks are more sophisticated than they have ever been. AI-powered attacks emerge as the most serious and phishing attacks are widely considered to be increasing the fastest.

Entering into 2024, the cybersecurity landscape showcases a compelling mix of factors with novel AI threats casting a looming shadow. The dynamic environment underscores the necessity for proactive cybersecurity strategies that can adeptly counter both existing and emerging threats.

Respondents ranked the most serious attack vectors as follows:

AI-Powered Attacks

Deepfake Technology

Supply Chain Attacks

Cloud Jacking

Internet of Things (IoT) Attacks

According to global IT leaders, the attack vectors increasing the fastest are:




Password Attacks

Denial of Service (DoS)

"As emerging technologies, such as AI, fuel the next wave of cyber threats, a great paradox lies in our ability to implement the very innovations that, if not controlled properly, will radically increase cyber risk,” said Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-founder, Keeper Security. “With the cybersecurity tools at our disposal today, we possess the arsenal to mitigate emerging threats - thereby converting this challenge into an opportunity for resilience and fortification of our digital defences.”

As technology continues to advance, evolving threats demand constant adaptation, which must remain a top priority for IT leaders. A password manager can mitigate risks by enforcing strong password practices, while privileged access management safeguards an organisation's vital assets by controlling and monitoring high-level access, collectively fortifying defences and minimising potential damage in the event of a cyber attack. Integrating these solutions creates a layered security approach that restricts unauthorised access and enhances overall cybersecurity resilience.

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