CourtCorrect moves UK Financial Services Complaints AI to OVHcloud

AI system empowers complaints teams and increases access to justice for consumers, ensuring decisions are made consistently, fairly and quickly.

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OVHcloud, the leading European cloud provider, today announced that CourtCorrect, the leader in UK Financial Service Complaints AI, is now using OVHcloud for its database and object storage. CourtCorrect’s AI system uses a number of LLMs to create a highly specialised AI solution that helps review evidence, complete regulatory checks, find similar cases and suggest draft replies and solutions, making the complaints journey faster, easier and more comprehensible.


“Consumers today have few options for recourse to their problems, so they often submit complaints to companies who then must both satisfy the regulatory requirements and their customers. Complaints teams often struggle to make decisions consistently and in a timely fashion,” said Ludwig Bull, Founder and CEO, CourtCorrect. “To help bring about a fairer world where complaints are solved consistently, fairly and quickly, we have developed a highly trained AI system that can comprehensibly analyse complaints and help respond to customers. However, our customers handle extremely sensitive data and need a trustworthy partner, making high availability, reliability, security and data sovereignty a must. OVHcloud ticked all of these boxes straightaway.”


The CourtCorrect team is using OVHcloud to host its Postgres and MongoDB databases, as well as its object storage to store letters and other documents from clients. The team was previously using another hosting provider but had concerns around data residency and security, and OVHcloud’s European heritage, sovereignty-focused offerings and competitive performance / price ratio provided a superior fit for the team’s needs.

“With our other provider, we had a number of concerns about future data protection liabilities,” continued Bull. “We’re a European company and felt strongly that our data should be stored on European servers by a like-minded organization. OVHcloud provided that, as well as all the necessary assurances around security and availability. As a growing business, it’s important that our tools are affordable, and another significant reason for the switch was the much more competitive pricing offered by OVHcloud.”

“We’re very happy to be supporting CourtCorrect as they showcase how AI can be applied to a very difficult and time-intensive process, saving complaints teams both time and money,” said Filippo Sanesi, Startup Programme Manager, OVHcloud. “Data is the new gold in the digital era, and one critical aspect that often goes overlooked is data sovereignty. By working together, we can provide CourtCorrect with a secure cloud infrastructure that guarantees both residency and availability.”

CourtCorrect is currently part of OVHcloud’s startup programme, using its infrastructure credits, technical and marketing support to help supercharge its technology journey.

CourtCorrect’s AI system is a support mechanism for complaints and disputes handling, providing concise and relevant information in seconds and helping teams write responses, rather than forcing complaints handlers to comb through reams of documentation, past precedents and engage in repetitive, manual work. It provides out-of-the-box coverage for UK FCA complaints handling and is customizable, allowing users to fine-tune models on specific user data and rules. Established in 2019, it has currently raised £2.5m in venture capital, currently has a team of 30 and already counts many of the UK’s largest financial services firms amongst its early adopters.


OVHcloud’s startup and scaleup programme supports hundreds of growing organisations across the world, offering cloud credits, time with OVHcloud’s engineering team, access to market and funding, and visibility through OVHcloud’s marketing initiatives. Since its establishment, it has helped thousands of organisations to accelerate their growth and reach their potential. 

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