Aruba and Namex agree on new Rome PoP

Within Aruba's Data Centre campus in Rome, a new high-performance interchange point will be created by Namex, contributing to the development of Rome as the digital hub of central Italy.

Aruba has announced an agreement with Namex (Nautilus Mediterranean eXchange point), an important internet eXchange point in Central Italy, to activate a new Point of Presence at the Hyper Cloud Data Centre of Aruba (IT4) in Rome.

The largest data centre campus under construction in Rome will extend over an area of 74,000 m² and when fully operational will comprise of 5 independent data centre buildings for a total of 30 MW of IT power, delivered with a redundancy level of 2N or higher. The campus will count on the presence of major national telecommunications infrastructures to guarantee high performance network interconnections. The Hyper Cloud Data Centre has a twofold objective: to meet the needs of the private sector and public administration by offering them customised hyperscale technology solutions and those of Central and Southern Italy in terms of digital services.

Hosting the Namex Point of Presence is part of the broader "carrier neutral" strategy adopted by Aruba for its data centres, conceived not only to allow customers to benefit from extremely reliable and high-performance internet connection solutions, but also to favour the development of interconnections between network operators to the benefit of the entire ecosystem. The great availability of space and power, combined with a large and free choice of connectivity options, will make the Aruba campus the ideal infrastructure to host the systems of customers of any size, from SMEs to Hyperscalers or cloud service providers, up to the PA.

“We are very pleased with the agreement reached with Namex for the opening of their point of presence at the new Data Centre campus in Rome, which we will inaugurate within a few months. The increase in the quantity and capacity of domestic connections and the ever-increasing importance of services provided in the cloud require an adequate development of telecommunications networks, their interconnection with the main data centres and interchange points throughout the country".– commented Stefano Cecconi, CEO of Aruba – “Ponte San Pietro, Arezzo and Rome, the sites of our Italian data centres, represent three strategic locations, connected to the country's main traffic nodes, hosting tens of thousands of servers providing services of all kinds and thus standing as ideal infrastructures where telcos and service providers, both national and international, can deliver their services and exchange traffic efficiently and reliably to the great benefit of Italian end users.”

“The opening of this new Data Centre campus is very important for us, a further sign of Rome's growth as an internet interconnection hub at the centre of Italy and the Mediterranean. The new PoP will allow Namex to continue to grow at the high pace of recent years, which have seen a strong growth in traffic and the tripling of the networks connected at our interchange point, reaching over 200 connected providers, including national and international ones.” - commented Maurizio Goretti, CEO of Namex - “The presence of our IXP within a large data centre such as Aruba's will allow us to expand the offer of the Roman hub and respond to providers requiring installations in the order of tens of racks and MW of power."

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