Connexion Telematics partners with Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology has detailed the results of its successful partnership with Connexion Telematics (ASX: CXZ) (“Connexion”), a world-class developer of enterprise Software as a Service solutions for the global automotive industry.

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Through the partnership, Rackspace Technology combined its expertise with the world’s leading technologies to provide critical support to Connexion’s software development team to not only improve its observability pipeline but also its CICV pipeline. This enabled Connexion to deploy its infrastructure’s code into its production environment without manual intervention.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Connexion is known for its OnTRAC and Connexion platforms. OnTRAC is used by General Motors to manage the largest Courtesy Transportation Program in the US, and the Connexion Platform is designed with OEM-agnostic functionality. Their delivery model focuses on the ongoing KPI monitoring of the initiatives taken to realise an organisation’s strategic goals.

With the extremely tight employment market for cloud technology architects and engineers, Connexion had difficulty replacing some critical roles in their technical team and spent considerable time searching the market to hire these roles in-house. After struggling to find those resources Connexion reached out to their AWS team for help on how to address this issue.

“We have a strong strategic position from which to build our industry-leading B2B software platform with one in five dealerships in the US already using our software and have ambitious plans to grow our active userbase. However, we could not find the critical technical talent to innovate at pace, allowing us to scale our proprietary SaaS solutions,” said Tasso Koutsovasilis, COO of Connexion Telematics.

“Rackspace Technology’s pod of experts came on board and became an extension of our team, deploying our infrastructure’s code into our production environment without manual intervention. Rackspace Technology is not only helping us meet our technical goals, in a timely manner, but they are also easy to work with. It’s a true collaboration,” added Koutsovasilis.

“We performed a gap analysis and geared these recommendations towards maintaining Connexion’s growth path and continuing to maintain best practices,” said Martin Dubé, Vice President, Cloud Asia Pacific & Japan at Rackspace Technology.

“The challenge was that they did not have observability of their workflow from a logging and monitoring POV, so by using AWS X-ray we were able to introduce some more fine-grained logging and monitoring into their application. With regards to their CICV pipeline, we used bit-bucket to integrate their code so they can deploy their AWS infrastructure using Terraform. Together with Rackspace Technology as an extension of the Connexion technical team, they were able to improve their application and improve their customers’ user journey.”

Since partnering, the Connexion technical team now has the freedom and confidence, with a pod of experts stepping into critical roles in their IT team, to work through project backlog, streamline development processes, and create more automation. Ultimately, maintaining and scaling its growth trajectory.

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