atNorth and Parallel Works partner

atNorth HPCaaS computing resources are now available through Parallel Works as a single pane of glass solution, democratizing HPC and enabling hybrid workflows with cloud resources.

atNorth, the leading pan-Nordic colocation, high performance computing and artificial intelligence service provider, has partnered with Parallel Works, the SaaS platform for cloud HPC with hybrid workflow, to better support clients with high-performance computing application needs through a centralized hub to manage computing workflows.

Parallel Works is a middleware platform that operates as a single pane of glass and API server, empowering users to seamlessly run large-scale, hybrid parallel workflows across cloud and bare metal clusters to deliver results faster and speed time to market. The platform allows large enterprises like The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to build, configure and deploy scalable compute-intensive modeling, simulation and data analytics workflows.

“Parallel Works is driven by the same mission as atNorth - to accelerate innovation with high performance computing in the most sustainable and productive way possible,” said Guy D’Hauwers, Director HPC & AI, atNorth. “This partnership is extremely important to us, as we look to better support our customers and their increasing HPC needs. The Parallel Works platform is strategically placed to bring fluidity to hybrid workflows across cloud and on-premises resources and is perfectly poised to help our customers drive better HPC simulations, workflows and applications in a cost efficient and sustainable way that has, until now, not been possible.”

Parallel Works makes HPC resources highly productive and easy to use by allowing customers to run advanced simulations and high-density workloads on large-scale computing clusters without specialized programming skills. The platform redefines HPC with its software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, powered by dynamic, lightweight elastic clusters with a simple user interface, along with scripting technology that automatically distributes jobs to deliver faster results.

“We provide our customers with productive, cost effective and sustainable HPC to empower their product design and delivery efforts,” said Michael Wilde, Co-Founder and CEO of Parallel Works. “These core pillars of our businesses align directly. atNorth balances cost efficiency and carbon footprint by using 100% renewable energy to power our customers’ computing, and enables us to support them in a sustainability-conscious manner.”

The Parallel Works HPC platform is based on the Parsl scripting technology developed by the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory and NCSA, which makes the platform highly productive and easy to use by engineers and domain experts without the need for specialized coding and programming skills. Through its innovative, collaborative hub it has been used to create turnkey, pane-of-glass solutions for biomedical, AI, financial, logistics, engineering, materials science, and geospatial applications and to provide workflow automation solutions that are custom-tailored for today’s leading global organizations.

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