Siemon launches Data Centre Industry Insight Series

Leading global network infrastructure specialist Siemon has launched a series of data centre focussed tech briefs, designed to help data centre infrastructure professionals gain a better understanding of how the value derived from their data centre is changing in light of digital transformation and newly emerging technologies and applications.

In this new Data Centre Industry Insight Series, Siemon explores the value equation within today’s data centre, examining new designs and services, digital infrastructure considerations, and key strategies for ensuring resiliency and support for future demands. Also presented in the tech briefs are emerging trends such as adopting a hybrid approach via a balance between cloud, on-prem and colocation models, as well as real-world use cases of companies that are successfully modernising their business via the right digital infrastructure.

The first Industry Insight Brief of this series looks at how and why the data centre value equation has evolved and how some organisations are already applying new value principles with an increased focus on digital innovation to build better and more reliable digital ecosystems within the data centre. Following on from there, the second Insight Brief focusses on new concepts in data centre design and services as traditional data centres are transitioning to digital infrastructure to support trends including 5G, smart buildings, edge and cloud computing. The last part of the series takes a closer look at modern technologies such as low latency networking, automation and green technologies and the impact these have on the architecture of digital infrastructure as organisations seek to leverage them.

“As the economy is becoming increasingly data driven, the pressure on digital infrastructure and the data centre grows exponentially”, says Alberto Zucchinali, data centre solutions and services manager at Siemon. “We have created this Industry Insight Series to help data centre professionals adopt a new digital thought process at the data centre level to help them with the changes that are necessary to move further into the digital age.”

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