Fivetran introduces global partner reseller and certification programmes

Partnership programme expands to include global systems integrators and new markets across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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Fivetran has introduced significant upgrades to its partner referral programme along with the launch of new partner reseller and certification programmes. Fivetran originally introduced its partner referral programme in 2018, which has since grown to hundreds of partners, including global systems integrators, driving customer engagements and Fivetran implementations. The expanded programme enables existing partners to grow their business even more, and support Fivetran’s growth across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific regions.

“Partners are engaged in 100 percent of our deals at Fivetran,” said Logan Welley, Vice President, Alliances at Fivetran. “We collaborated with our partners to develop a vastly expanded programme that truly rewards them for their business, while providing new sales and support opportunities. By also adding global system integrators to our partner programme, we are better equipped to meet growing enterprise demand around the world.”

Fivetran’s upgraded partner experience includes four new partnership tiers from Registered to Elite, and benefits including:

New financial rewards

A partner advisory council

Partner communities

Partner marketing support and exclusive sponsorship opportunities

Partner sales engineering hours

Technical and sales training and certification packages

Partners in the new reseller programme can also receive rewards for reselling via marketplaces, offering customers a seamless purchasing experience through their trusted and approved vendors.

“phData partners with some of the largest companies on earth, including dozens of the Fortune 100, plus startups, nonprofits and other innovative organisations – all of which need access to uninterrupted, accurate data to succeed. Our collaboration with Fivetran is instrumental in this regard,” said Ryan Bosshart, CEO at phData, a Fivetran Premier partner. “Fivetran truly values the strategic importance of its global partners. Fivetran’s partner programme enhancements will fuel all global partners to accelerate Fivetran’s mission to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity.”

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