Organisations accelerate digital transformation

BMC’s automation solution provides orchestration across complex data pipelines for tangible business results.

BMC says that it is the principal choice to support the automation and orchestration needs of technologically advanced organisations—such as CARFAX, Itaú Unibanco, Colruyt Group, and Navistar — delivering increased collaboration among developers, enhanced customer-centric experiences, integrated and automated data pipelines, and reduced vehicle downtime.

To accelerate new application and data workflow deployments that drive innovative digital products and transformation projects, companies can benefit greatly by taking a strategic approach to their orchestration platform. A key finding from Mastering Perpetual Change , a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BMC, found that “…improving an organisation’s ability to respond to market changes is the highest priority for application and data workflow orchestration. Seven in 10 respondents noted that their companies are prioritising enhanced flexibility and agility over the next 12 months. They’re seeking advantages such as faster response to customer requests (29 percent), faster time-to-market (20 percent), and savings on infrastructure spend (14 percent).”

Control-M customers’ demand for exceptional digital-services delivery in production is not new, and the pace of change is challenging. However, the most agile and capable companies reconsider their orchestration architecture to enhance agility, adopt new technologies, and break down silos of automation by looking to the hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities found in the Control-M solution.

Empowering teams and energising collaboration for faster digital transformation

As a leading source of vehicle history information, CARFAX’s use of data helps customers buy, sell, service, and maintain their vehicles. By extending DevOps collaboration among different teams with Jobs-as-Code and the Control-M Automation API from BMC, the organisation has been able to:

•Consolidate data from more than 100,000 data sources

•Reduce time to production from months to minutes

•Give people control over their entire ecosystem

Transform client-centric mobile banking services

Itaú Unibanco is one of the largest financial conglomerates in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 94,000 employees, 4,000 branches, and 46,000 ATMs that serve a global customer base. By implementing the Control-M solution from BMC, Itaú Unibanco’s bank branches have become more efficient, agile, and available to clients. With Control-M as the bank’s primary digital business automation platform, it can:

•Open almost 10 percent of new accounts via its mobile application

•Deliver new and innovative client experiences

"Control-M is a very important tool that we have,” said Leandro Araujo, Head of Production and IT Process, Itaú Unibanco. “If Control-M stops, the bank stops.”

Balancing organisational growth and supply chain management

Colruyt Group is a large European retailer with almost 33,000 employees that distributes food and consumer goods to a number of owned outlets. The organisation moves large volumes of goods to customers undamaged and in a timely manner at the lowest prices. With the Control-M solution from BMC, Colruyt Group can:

•Optimise transportation by filling delivery trucks up to 95 percent through automation

•Reduce the number of order-picking errors with the use of voice picking

“For me, the Control-M environment is like the heart of the human body,” said Frank Waegeman, IT Manager, Colruyt. “It delivers oxygen to all the vital organs.”

Synchronising, cleansing, and analysing big data for actionable intelligence

Navistar, a leading manufacturer and operator of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles, and engines, uses big data to generate value-added services that empower fleet owners and improve vehicle uptime. Its OnCommand™ Connection remote diagnostics system captures data from over a dozen telematics providers to create 20 million data records per day. Big data teams were spending significant time and resources moving data and running scripts manually to aggregate, normalise, and process this data. Because of the Control-M solution, innovations have resulted in Navistar’s:

•Collection of over 20 million daily records from 250,000+ vehicles

•Engineers saving 20 percent of their work time via automatic collection and reporting on cybersecurity vulnerability scan results

•Reduction of up to 40 percent in vehicle downtime resulting from insights gained through its predictive maintenance program

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