Sunday, 19th September 2021

Legrand introduces the Infinium acclAIM™ Fiber Solution

Legrand has unveiled its latest fiber breakthrough, the Infinium acclAIM Fiber Solution, at the BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition, booth #6228. As part of Legrand’s fiber offerings, the new acclAIM Fiber Solution redefines fiber connectivity by replacing pre-terminated cassette-based solutions with direct connections—to deliver the lowest insertion loss available on the market.

Hyper-scale, cloud, and 5G network managers now require higher density and improved scalability that comes with the implementation of next-generation 2fiber connectors. However, when upgrading fiber systems, they are also experiencing challenges such as polarity, optical loss, delivery, design/deployment headaches, and high costs associated with cassette use. The acclAIM Fiber Solution dramatically decreases or eliminates many of these challenges by leveraging unique innovations such as:

•Near infinite scalability to promote unlimited migration paths.

•Link configuration options such as standard, array, distribution, convergent, or mixed.

•Multiple media interfaces such as 10GBASE, 25GBASE, 40GBASE, 100GBASE, 400GBASE, and beyond.

•Application-defined polarity, enabling polarity to be adapted to any link configuration—pre-planned, on-site, or on the fly.

•Direct mating breakout allowing acclAIM connectors to mate directly to an array of twin fiber patch cords.

•No gender considerations—just direct connections.

•Flexible density beyond ultra-high densities.

“The acclAIM fiber solution is ideal for any computer center experiencing challenges with increasing network speed, compressed optical budgets, or dealing with challenges associated with cassettes,” said Kristen Poulos, General Manager, Legrand Data Infrastructure. “The fiber solution was not built to only address this current data center upgrade cycle rather, to provide value much longer. Due to its vast migration capability, the acclAIM enables sustainability through drastically longer life cycles to provide a building asset for decades to come.”

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