Friday, 22nd October 2021

Kohler Uninterruptible Power launches PowerWAVE MF1500 DPA

Kohler Uninterruptible Power Ltd (KUP) has launched its new high power PowerWAVE MF1500 DPA. Exceptionally resilient, flexible and scalable to 6MW, the modular new UPS offers best-in-market VFI mode energy efficiency.

The new addition to the KUP market leading product line redefines lifetime cost for data centres and other high-density applications, without compromising on reliability.

Designed with a clear goal in mind, to define that reliability does not require excess, and high power can exist alongside efficient use of energy, the MF1500 DPA combines proven Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA™) technology with the latest advances in components and software.

DPA products contain all the essential components of a UPS within each module, including the static switch, allowing independent operation. Its innovative slide-in, cable free module design can be hot-swapped without affecting the rest of the system, easing maintenance, and reducing system repair times to minutes. It also dramatically increases availability allowing a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ approach and delivers exceptional MTTR.

Protection is achieved with best-in-market 97.4% VFI energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, optimising PUE measures and delivering significant financial savings in energy and cooling costs. In addition, the advanced design of the MF1500 DPA maximises the life of consumables such as fans and capacitors, with replacement required only once in a 15-year period.

Innovative, vertical slide-in modules enable resilient, high power density protection by reducing UPS footprint of up to 45% over traditional UPS systems, without compromising access for installation and ongoing maintenance.

Customers can opt for a 1000 kW or 1500 kW frame size and 250 kW modules helping to right-size for the initial load with the ability to scale up or down depending on future requirements paralleling units to achieve 6MW. For additional flexibility and resilience, each DPAmodule can be fed from either an independent or common battery system. Through its scalability, this product is well positioned to support a wide range of data centres.

David Renton, Managing Director for Kohler Uninterruptible Power, comments: “The PowerWAVE MF1500 DPA is a superb new addition to our UPS range. It not only redefines lifetime costs for data centres but offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability through its modular design.”

He continues: “To give an example of the likely cost saving, in a 1.5 MW installation, over 10 years the 0.7% extra efficiency of the MF1500 DPA versus a competitor at 96.7% can save over £150,000 in electrical and cooling costs – a hugely significant saving.”

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