Complete data centre management via a single pane of glass

Nlyte Software has introduced Nlyte 8 at DatacenterDynamics Webscale, Booth #30.  The new offering provides a single pane-of-glass view across all data center operations including ITSM processes, data center asset management, as well as facilities and resources while enabling managers to maximize efficiency and performance.  

Nlyte 8 further bridges the operational gap between IT and facility needs, by providing both organizations a single portal view to share information that optimizes the physical infrastructure and lays the foundation for software defined data centers (SDDC). The offering enables users to seamlessly move between ITSM solutions, asset lifecycle management details and facilities resources while viewing historical or live information for current or predictive planning needs. Additional, new functionality includes:
  • Broader and deeper integration with ITSM systems, including new “deep links” and expanded ITSM incident and request support.
  • Improved user experience for managing processes across all data center dependent systems.
  • Improved multi-tenancy and user security model to control user accounts’ access to specific locations.
  • Expanded location metadata to include longitude, latitude, alias and purpose properties.
  • Improved data center audit and compliance capabilities.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 & SQL Server 2014 support.
Software defined data centers create highly virtualized IT environments. These environments depend on the underlying data center infrastructure to be consistent and highly available. Without accurate visibility of the assets within the data center, the resources those assets consume, and the changes being made to the overall environment, outages can occur which can negatively affect software defined data center. Nlyte 8 enables an organization to gain transparency across all the layers of data center technology, combining historical and real time data, while correlating that data with the virtualized layer to give IT operators unprecedented visibility and control of the entire software defined data center – from application layer down to the concrete.
“Mission-critical facility operators are seeking fully automated software defined data centers, but find it difficult to achieve this due to a lack of visibility into all relevant data,” said Robert Neave, Co-founder and CTO of Nlyte Software. “Nlyte 8 addresses this issue by providing access to all data sources, historically or in real time, that relate to data center operations. By doing so, Nlyte 8 increases organizations’ operational agility, while meeting the criteria for software defined data centers.”
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