Unlocking the value of telecom Big Data

New solution offers telecom providers greater visibility for predictive service assurance and new revenue streams via analytics-as-a-service capability.

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has launched Live Insight for Telecom, an advanced and predictive analytics solution that provides telecom service providers with real-time insight into network, service and application-level performance. The highly granular and scalable solution transforms how service providers operate, enabling them to predict network activity based on real-time and historical data in parallel to improve service delivery and enrich customer experiences. In addition, operators can now create unique carrier-hosted, analytics-based services to elevate their business value and generate new revenue streams. The solution builds on the Hitachi Data Systems heritage of delivering business innovations through intelligent data solutions, and is another major milestone in the Hitachi Social Innovation vision and strategy.

In one of the initial use cases with a major European multinational service provider, Hitachi Data Systems demonstrated the power of fine grain application-level performance visibility by enabling mission-critical business transactions to be monitored on-demand by their enterprise customers via a carrier-hosted analytics-as-a-service platform. With this critical insight, the service provider is able to enrich their customers’ experience, reduce subscriber churn, lower operational costs, and create new revenue streams.

“Advanced telecom analytics has become a vital part of the service provider landscape since it enables real-time IP network management, customer experience management, policy management, security enforcement and virtualization/orchestration,” said Jim Hodges, senior analyst, Heavy Reading. “With the company’s industry expertise and technology innovation, Hitachi Data Systems is well positioned to help telecom providers tap into the real-time and historical data often held in disparate systems, breaking down siloes, and offering new opportunities for better customer service and increased revenue.”

With nearly 7 billion mobile subscribers globally, and 78% of households in the developed world with Internet today[1], telecom providers can access tens of billions of subscriber, network, application and machine big data each hour. Unfortunately, most of this data goes untapped due to disparate systems and the lack of simple tools to unlock the value for active and predictive insight in real time.

“Live Insight for Telecom is another critical proof point of the Hitachi Data Systems commitment to Social Innovation. Our solution can transform how global telecom service providers operate, giving them the ability to unlock the power of data and use those insights to provide high-performance service and improve the customer experience,” said Kevin Eggleston, senior vice president, Social Innovation and Global Industries at Hitachi Data Systems. “We are excited about the potential social and business impact as well as the long-term opportunity for this solution.”

Live Insight for Telecom combines real-time streaming and historical data, enabling telecom providers to deliver higher quality services. These capabilities include:

  • Granular Analytics for Improved Visibility: The solution can simultaneously ingest and analyze up to 1 million events per second per processing engine with millisecond-level visibility, representing a vast improvement over the current 1- to 5- minute interval industry norm.
  • Scalable Analytics for Cost Efficiency: Live Insight for Telecom features a highly scalable virtualized software architecture allowing service providers to scale linearly to analyze tens of gigabits per second of streaming data for even the most demanding mobile 4G, residential broadband, and cloud-hosted applications.
  • Adaptive Analytics for Optimized Performance: The solution uniquely applies intelligent machine learning and predictive analytics to both real-time and historical data in parallel to improve network performance before problems occur, ensuring customer service level agreements (SLAs) can be met, customer experience is improved, and operating expenses are kept low.
  • Open Analytics for Greater Flexibility: The open solution architecture allows differentiated applications for operations, business and carrier-hosted user cases to be created quickly and simply by Hitachi Data Systems professional services, customers, or 3rd parties.

Hitachi Data Systems has developed strategic partnerships with industry leaders, such as JDSU and others, to simplify and accelerate the integration of the Live Insight for Telecom solution into telecom operations environments. The solution will be generally available this spring.

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