AI is here to stay. The only question is how your organisation responds to the challenges and opportunities artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT et al represent. For some, AI seems to represent the end of civilisation as we know it; for others, AI is the only game in town. As ever, the reality lies somewhere in the middle, but there's no doubt that, in order to survive, let alone thrive, in the digital world, you can't afford not to have a plan when it comes to AI!
News Articles
Pega introduces Pega GenAI Built on a future-ready architecture, new AI-powered capabilities boost developer productivity, marketing effectiveness, and more.
CrowdStrike introduces Charlotte AI AI pioneer unveils new generative AI analyst designed to democratize security and help every user — from novice to expert — operate like a seasoned security professional.
Riverbed adds Intelligent Automation Riverbed Alluvio leverages intelligent automation to automate workflows across tool silos with faster time to value.
Skillsoft launches ChatGPT Learning Journey Integrated curriculum is the first in a series of generative AI courses designed to build skills around cutting-edge technology.
The age of the autonomous enterprise is approaching The next 10 years will see a significant shift towards adoption of AI and automation to improve enterprise agility, driven by inefficiencies in legacy technologies.
BMC integrates generative AI BMC HelixGPT, service model blueprints help companies proactively find and resolve IT problems faster.
Concerns over lack of AI-ready infrastructure Survey shows while 85% of global businesses pursue the benefits of AI, building the infrastructure to support it remains a priority.
Failure to modernise limits AI benefits Organizations are lagging in modernizing legacy apps and data; the study also finds that modernization initiatives lack clear leadership.
eSentire launches AI Investigator eSentire has launched eSentire AI Investigator, using generative AI powered cybersecurity to augment eSentire XDR Platform users of all levels with expertise to build their organization’s cyber resilience.
Securing ChatGPT and other generative AI applications Netskope has introduced a comprehensive data protection solution to help enterprises securely manage employee use of ChatGPT and other generative AI applications, such as Google Bard and Jasper.
Artificial Intelligence: An aid or the answer? The world is currently fixated on the development and potential application of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation and Large Language Models (LLMs). The influence of these innovations is evident as they continue to transform the facets of our daily lives. Organisations are embracing the potential of these technologies, incorporating them into their operations and expanding their capabilities.
IBM serves up AI commentary and AI draw analysis IBM AI Draw Analysis creates a new statistic for tennis, offering deeper insight into a player’s potential path to the final
Generative AI breakthrough Dataiku has announced breakthroughs in Generative AI enterprise applications, safety, and tooling.
AWS launches Generative AI Innovation Centre AWS invests $100 million in a new program that connects AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence experts with customers and partners worldwide to accelerate enterprise innovation and success with generative AI.
Telenor IoT introduces IoT Complete The fully integrated service enables enterprises to connect their products from certified connectivity devices to end-user interfaces, and everything in between, taking just a few weeks, rather than years.
ThoughtSpot acquires Mode Analytics With Mode and ThoughtSpot, data teams can use a flexible, efficient code-first approach to deliver self service analytics to business users, easily collaborate with these stakeholders, and quickly connect data investments to meaningful, tangible business outcomes.
Redefining Application Performance Monitoring? APM 360 empowers all engineers to use APM everyday, and not just during incidents, with daily insights from every development stage and every part of the application stack.
CEOs embrace Generative AI Half (50%) of CEOs report they are already integrating generative AI into digital products and services.
Automation key to unlock AI's potential? New capabilities enable organisations to unleash AI-powered automation to targeted business challenges.
New AI technology set to maximise efficiency in operations EnateAI automatically categorizes emails, extracts data, performs sentiment analysis, and understands foreign languages.
Tanium unveils Total Experience for ServiceNow New integration creates exceptional shared experiences by converging IT staff, employee, and customer experiences that deliver superior operational outcomes and accelerated growth.
Databricks introduces Generative AI Tools Databricks’ data-centric approach to AI makes it easier to build, deploy and manage large language model (LLM) applications, enabling customers to accelerate their generative AI journey.
Rubrik and Microsoft introduce Generative AI-Powered Cyber Recovery and Remediation Rubrik Security Cloud, Microsoft Sentinel, and Azure OpenAI Service integration demonstrates how organizations can strengthen their cyber resilience and recover faster and more effectively from cyberattacks.
IT professionals required to do more with less as security threats remain major concern IT security remains a top priority for most UKI professionals as revealed by Logicalis’ 2023 IT Survey.
Humans should be involved in Ai decision-making Workday has published the results of its latest study, which examines the state of artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise, including the current perception among business leaders about the technology's benefits, challenges, and opportunities. Key findings include:
AI requires future-proofing skills New Skillsoft survey reveals nearly all L&D professionals are taking action by developing soft skills, building professional networks and upskilling in other technical areas.
Shadow AI set to drive new wave of insider threats Imperva warns that the twin factors of poor data controls and the advent of new generative AI tools based on Large Language Models (LLMs) will lead to a spike in insider data breaches over the coming year.
New platform from Logicalis gives CIOs real-time view of environmental impact New Managed Digital Fabric Platform from Logicalis gives users an instant view of their digital performance across five key metrics including environmental impact.
70% of executives believe the benefits of generative AI will outweigh the associated concerns Generative AI tools for chatbots, product and service design, and customer experience seen as most relevant for organizations.
TCS bets big on Azure Open AI Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has deepened its partnership with Microsoft by announcing plans to significantly scale its Azure Open AI expertise, and launching its new Generative AI Enterprise Adoption offering on Microsoft Cloud to help customers jumpstart their generative AI journey to power their growth and transformation.
Skillsoft expands technology skilling solution New research report shows businesses facing a technology skills crisis; enhancements to Skillsoft’s Codecademy bring new content and learning modalities to address challenges.
AI: Good or Bad for the Cyber Threat Landscape? By Tom Huckle, Director of Information Security and Compliance at BlueVoyant.
ManageEngine Site24x7 unveils OpenAI Observability Integration ManageEngine has newly added OpenAI observability as a native capability to Site24x7, its comprehensive cloud-based observability platform.
Concerns around the cyber talent shortage override economic uncertainty Insufficient staff is the top (51%) concern for CISOs when asked which factors most affect their ability to deliver against their objectives.
Sinequa supercharges intelligent search powered by NVIDIA Sinequa adopts NVIDIA DGX systems to accelerate and scale the development and training of its Neural Search and Large Language Models.
Expert Opinions
Two areas of massive growth for blockchain in 2023 By Lars Rensing, CEO at Web 3 and blockchain solutions provider Protokol.
Two areas of growth for blockchain in 2023 By Lars Rensing, CEO at Web 3 and blockchain solutions provider Protokol.
Get Ready for The Internet of Industrial Metaverses By Alessandro Chimera, Director of Digitalization Strategy at TIBCO, a business unit of Cloud Software Group.
Leveraging the Potential of Generative AI While Maintaining a Secure Enterprise By Howie Xu, Vice President of Machine Learning and AI at Zscaler.
IoT holds the power to a greener and cleaner future By Mark Lowe, business development director at North.
The art of artificial intelligence: How to drive successful AI projects in manufacturing By Kirsty Biddiscombe, UK Head for AI, ML & Analytics at NetApp.
The Rise of AI Assistants in the Finance Sector By Rohit Bhosale, Persistent Systems.
Digital Disruption: How IT is still revolutionising the way we work By Paul Carolan, AVP Sales EMEA, GoTo.
Should we be using AI to write our content? Josip Rozman, AI consultant at Plextek examines if we should be using AI to write our content.
Adding AI to applications - how to succeed with data By Peter Greiff, Data Architect Leader EMEA, DataStax.
2023 is the year that AI transforms how global companies manage their company spend Procurement expert Keith Hausmann highlights how NLP and machine learning are driving efficiencies and savings while enabling sourcing teams to add more business value.
Transforming Digital Business: A Guide to Preparing for ChatGPT’s Impact By Dr. Atif Farid Mohammad – Head - AI R&D Center of Excellence, Apexon.
It’s time for a change of CIO mindset: the shift from IT Financial Management as purely cost management to revenue driver By Dr. Alexander Becker, Chief Operating Officer, Serviceware.
Strategic Value Driving Mainstream Adoption of Mixed Reality By Yan Simard, Chief Executive Officer at Kognitiv Spark.
How MR helps engineers mitigate extreme weather disturbances By Yan Simard, CEO, Kognitiv Spark.
IT Leaders: 3 Ways to Structure Successful AI Operating Models By Anthony Mullen, VP Analyst at Gartner.
AI/ML-as-a-service needed to drive firms through difficult economic times this year By Vijay Raman, Vice President, Products & Technology at ibi.
What is Generative AI and is it the Way to AIOps? By Lori MacVittie, F5 Distinguished Engineer.
Challenges of connecting IoT devices to the cloud: what you need to know By Cedric Mauvielle, Vice President, Global IoT and Partnership, Console Connect.
Scaling analytics and achieving high, long-term ROI By Anurag Kapoor, Vice President, Data and Analytics for The Smart Cube.
Making machine learning successful through improved access By Josh Mesout, Chief Innovation Officer, Civo.
Why businesses need to jump on the AI bandwagon – or risk being left behind By Matt Aldridge, Principal Solutions Consultant, OpenText Cybersecurity.
Why the traditional storage vendors have failed to sell into the AI market (without mouthwatering discounts) By PEAK:AIO Founder and CEO Mark Klarzynski.
How organisations can avoid putting their AI projects in jeopardy By Ash Finnegan, VP GTM innovation and transformation at Conga.
APM: The symbiotic relationship between network and end user experience By Pavel Minarik, Vice President, Technology at Progress.
Five ways ChatGPT can augment IT operations, without reinventing the wheel By Sanjesh Rao, VP of Product Strategy and Innovation Digital ITO at Hexaware.
Artificial Intelligence: An aid or the answer? The world is currently fixated on the development and potential application of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation and Large Language Models (LLMs). The influence of these innovations is evident as they continue to transform the facets of our daily lives. Organisations are embracing the potential of these technologies, incorporating them into their operations and expanding their capabilities.
Turbocharge Your Data Monitoring Whilst Slashing Costs By Roman Khavronenko, Co-Founder of VictoriaMetrics.
Women in Tech: The challenge and rewards of a career in the tech industry By Fiona Lucas, Director of Product, HelloFresh.
Embracing diversity and inclusion: a new dimension for leadership and management BY by Morten Wierod, President Electrification ABB.