LC BladePatch ‘revolutionises’ high-density fibre patching

Siemon has launched an innovative LC BladePatch® fibre optic duplex jumper that revolutionises high-density fibre patching with the easiest access available in the industry.

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Shulmans advises on property move to enable an advanced new data centre

Concorde IT Group has bought new premises in Ossett, Wakefield, more than trebling its square footage to 25,000 sq ft, to allow it to build a new state-of-the-art data centre intended to enhance its Cloud Services offering.

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Brand-Rex introduces Structured Cabling Systems catalogue

Brand-Rex has just announced the completion of its latest catalogue, which details its entire range of structured cabling systems.

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eAkte2Go: Mobil arbeiten in der modernen Verwaltung - Online- und Offline-Zugriff auf zentrales Aktensystem

Der Landesbetrieb Information und Technik Nordrhein-Westfalen (IT.NRW) hat auf dem gemeinsamen Stand der Länder Hessen und NRW auf der CeBIT 2013 die eAkte2Go von Computacenter auf der neuen Windows 8-Plattform vorgestellt

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Silver Peak Systems stellt neue Lösungen für schnelle und problemlose Offsite-Datenreplizierung vor

Silver Peak Systems, ein weltweit führender Anbieter von Software, mit der sich Daten schnell, effizient und sicher über große Entfernungen übermitteln lassen, stellt eine Familie von Software-Produkten vor, mit denen IT-Fachleute schneller und zuverlässiger Daten an unterschiedlichen Standorten replizieren können. Die Software-Pakete der Reihe Silver Peak VRX-2, VRX-4 und VRX-8 sind Bestandteil von Silver Peaks Velocity-Lösung.

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The environmental impact of data usage is growing fast. Carbon dioxide emissions from data centers are now equal to those of the global air travel. To help tackle the problem, the sustainability certification TCO Certified will be expanded to include network equipment, data storage products and servers.
CNet Training has partnered with Rahi Systems to deliver a three-day Certified Data Center Design (CDCD®) program to select customers and vendors. Rahi is organizing eight sessions with CNet throughout 2019 at locations in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
High-strength designs and special packaging enable IT equipment to be pre-installed and shipped directly to customer sites.
The Avaya Open SDN Fx architecture delivers automation and programmability from the network core to the user edge, for ‘connect anything, anywhere’ simplicity
Siemon has partnered with data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solution provider Maya HTT, whose Datacenter Clarity LC DCIM platform will provide Siemon customers with the tools to accurately and efficiently manage their data centre infrastructure.
Global foreign exchange supports fast-growing portfolio of web-based applications for new services with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Satellite.
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Australian fish farm undergoes IT upgrade by investing in edge infrastructure

Australian fism farming company Tassal looked at harnessing IT to make its business of growing salmon more sustainable and cost-effective. It invested in an integrated IT solution powered by Vertiv and Dell EMC for its business in Tasmania.

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