Monday, 27th September 2021

Service availability and resilience: why it needs to start with skills

By Steve Weiner, Senior Lead Product Manager, Global Colocation Services, CenturyLink.

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Outdated data centre remote monitoring systems can threaten uptime

By Victor Avelar, Director and Senior Research Analyst, Schneider Electric Data Center Science Center.

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Sausage making and digital remote monitoring platforms explains the “watching sausage being made” idiom in this way: “If something is like watching sausages getting made, unpleasant truths about it emerge that make it much less appealing.  The idea is that if people watched sausages getting made, they would probably be less fond of them.”[1] By Patrick Donovan, Sr. Research Analyst, Data Center Science Center, IT Division, Schneider Electric.

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Australian fish farm undergoes IT upgrade by investing in edge infrastructure

Australian fism farming company Tassal looked at harnessing IT to make its business of growing salmon more sustainable and cost-effective. It invested in an integrated IT solution powered by Vertiv and Dell EMC for its business in Tasmania.

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