The Digital Age, built by Ironopolis

Durata Modular Data Centre Solutions operates in a market where there is a growing demand for its services that will not be going away.

And the team at Middlesbrough-based Durata believes Teesside - an area commonly referred to locally as Ironopolis over the years - can quickly become a major player in the Digital Age.

The dream is for that part of North-East England, rich in history for iron and steel production, to become the home of the modular data centre. There is every chance that will come true.

The Application – faster, efficient and scalable

The modular data centre market is estimated to achieve a market size of USD 113.6bn by 2032, growing from an accounted USD 22.3bn last year.

This is a result of anticipated modernisation of networks from telecom companies expected to drive growth for years to come through to MW power requirements for the ever-expanding hyperscale operators.

“We cater for the data centre market as a collective, whether that is constructing for compute or power,” said Lewis Cobb, Durata’s head of modular data centre solutions projects.

“Here on Teesside, we pull together Durata’s expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering and combine it with the 170-year infrastructure in steelworks and fabrication to deliver our Modular Data Centre Solutions that will enhance data centre infrastructure for our clients.”

The Execution – mechanical, electrical and fabrication

Teesside, deeply proud of its industrial heritage, has already established itself as a place for modular data centre solutions to be built before being delivered around the world.

Lewis said: “The data centre industry needs modular solutions. By operators investing in modular solutions for compute and power, they can build faster, deliver efficiently and deploy where required.

“In order for this success, a key requirement for a modular solution provider is infrastructure.”

That outlook formed part of the vision when John McGee, the managing director, set up Durata ten years ago. Now that dream is fast becoming a reality.

Having grown from strength to strength in recent years, Durata, specialists in critical power infrastructure and modular data centre solutions, is now expanding its services across Europe from a base in Frankfurt, Germany, and securing new contracts across different countries having attracted the attention of global players across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Durata has the infrastructure in place to support the modular solutions required by the data centre sector.

Concept to completion

Lewis said: “The concept to completion phrase is important because within that there are variables that make us a very attractive proposition.

“Our in-house design and Computer Aided Design (CAD) team allow us to develop a solution, we purchase steel from source and construct our own modules using Teesside infrastructure, followed by fitout from our Durata trained mechanical and electrical engineers. 

“This is all overseen by our Durata project managers. We own the complete process with full control to ensure our clientele receive engineering excellence and continuity for scalable projects.”

Durata have already welcomed various multi-national clients and hyperscale data centre builders to Teesside for an insight into how these modules can be constructed and transported by road, sea, air and rail.

By welcoming and showing their clients a host of facilities, they are demonstrating a manufacturing process paired with engineering intellect, and 2024 holds expansion plans to enhance that experience.

Lewis said: “The Durata Innovation Centre marks a leap in experience for our clients. Our long-standing goal is to turn Teesside into a home for modular data centre solutions, and by having a design studio for collaborative experiences, by having an unrivalled manufacturing process and to show how we can deploy globally via the Tees port, we believe we are the best positioned partner for modular solutions.

“We are growing. As well as extending our office in Middlesbrough to create an Innovation Centre, our office in Frankfurt now means we have a presence that opens the door to the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“Frankfurt shows we are committed to the European market. Germany is a prominent market in the data centre industry and aids us in tapping into the continent.

“We have an expanding internal network of international partners that are opening doors and centralising enquiries to our Teesside headquarters. We have a turnkey execution and

that is exciting for our clients, both existing and potential.

“Even though our headquarters are in Middlesbrough. We are taking the Durata brand and our modular solutions everywhere.”

Durata has live projects in Europe and the Middle East, and soon Africa. It is operating in critical power, providing services for low yield uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) through to MW power for the hyperscale market.

Durata is also servicing the compute sector of the industry too, whether that is edge computing through to high density AI requirements. There is also a conscious effort to adapt with the changing landscape of density requirements, including Immersion technologies within the portfolio of solutions.

Lewis said: “Because of our flexibility we can cater for fast growing markets that need that flexibility. 

“It is an exciting proposition that we are manufacturing data centre solutions here in Teesside that will aid in shaping the digital age, and deploying globally matching our clients business models.

“By having our Teesside hub of excellence we can continually distribute highly engineered solutions across a global landscape.

“Durata’s modular data centre solutions are engineering excellence. And with preferred equipment collaboration, the result is a flexible, scalable, innovative modular solution for the data centres of today and tomorrow.”

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