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Datacentre Solutions INTERVIEWS   •   2023   •   Issue 8 (Part 1)
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Sustainable fire suppression
Torbjørn Laursen, Inventor of Inergen, discusses the environmental and cost-saving benefits of the Inergen fire extinguishing system, and also explains how Fire Eater’s Inergen System offers several special advantages for data centre owners and operators.

Reinventing DCIM
Jad Jebara, President and CEO of Hyperview, discusses the hybrid infrastructure landscape in which all companies are working out how best to optimise the performance of their applications and, importantly, the infrastructure on which they run. He explains how Hyperview has 'reinvented' DCIM to provide a new level of insights and actions to those responsible for operating and managing data centre and wider IT enterprise infrastructure assets - whatever the mix of on-prem, colo, cloud and edge.

Data centres - time for a technology revolution?
Max Schulze, Founder of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, shares his usual fascinating and thought-provoking insights, with the focus in this interview on the many ways in which data centres need to work towards sustainability objectives on the path to Net Zero. While progress is being made, Max believes that, all too often, the climate continues to play second fiddle to commercial concerns.

Equinix reports sustainability successes
Gary Aitkenhead, Senior Vice President, EMEA IBX Operations at Equinix, discusses the company's recently published 2022 Annual Sustainability Report, highlighting the near 100 percent use of renewable energy, optimising operating temperatures per ASHRAE's updated recommendations, as well the technology innovations being trialled and/or implemented at various data centre locations across the world.

Delivering UPS solutions that the data centre demands
David Bond, Director of Centiel SA, Chairman of Centiel UK Ltd., Director of Centiel Asia Pacific, discusses the company's significant achievements to date as an innovative manufacturer and supplier of UPS systems. He highlights Centiel's market-leading approach, which has seen it first to introduce transformerless technology, modular UPSs and, most recently, a sustainable solution with a 30-year design life.

AI adds to sustainability pressures on the data centre
Gisli Kr., Chief Sales Officer at AtNorth. discusses the carbon footprint AI explosion, suggesting that finding the right sustainable data centre to host these AI applications can help contribute to the circular economy. He also provides updates on the company's third Icelandic data centre, some new hires, and record revenue levels - which in part can be contributed to atNorth's strong sustainability credentials.

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The opportunity is for a 30 min 1-1 ZOOM interview with the editor of Datacentre Solutions, Phil Alsop to present your insights into the most critical steps to consider when choosing a colocation data partner.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a colocation data centre partner - and how can/do the colos differentiate themselves?

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